• What Deployments are in Kubernetes
  • How we can create Deployment Objects in Kubernetes
  • How can we use kubectl to manage our Deployments?
  • Deployment Strategies

What Deployments are in Kubernetes

A Deployment in Kubernetes provides a layer of functionality around Pods and allows you to describe a desired state. …

With Azure Function Core Tools, we can retrieve settings from our Functions to simplify our local development and debugging efforts!

What are Kubernetes Pods? How can we use them to run our containers? How can we interact with them using kubectl and YAML?

In this article, I’ll show you how we can perform simple operations against a Azure Cosmos DB Table API account using the new Azure.Data.Table C# SDK.

Hands-on Tutorials

Using YAML Build pipelines, we can define our entire build and release pipeline in a single file!

We can define our build, test and deployment tasks in a single YAML file!


As part of my personal development, I’ve created a personal health platform that uses various different microservices (Built using Azure Functions) that extract data from my Fitbit account and store them in an Azure Cosmos DB database. I have other microservices that pass messages between different services via Azure Service Bus.

Assertion Scopes make our lives easier when using multiple assertions within our unit tests by saving us time and effort when finding out why our tests are failing.

Assertion Scopes allow us to test multiple assertions within a single test execution
string testString = "hello";
string expectedOutput = testString.ToUpper();
Assert.Equal(expectedOutput, "HELLO");
string testString = "hello";
string expectedOutput = testString.ToUpper();

Introducing Assertion Scopes

Lets use a more extensive example. Say if I have…

In Isolated Process functions, we can use output binding to write our output of our Functions to, but they work a little differently

What are Bindings?

In Azure Functions, we…

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